What is Booty Run?

Aye Cap’n! Running out of precious booty? Need to get that extra rum for that max swabbie upgrade? Want to get gold so you can upgrade that ship to dish out the best damage during battle? No worries, we got this new map called Booty Run.


How to get to booty run? Here are the steps:


  1. On your Hideout, tap on “Special.”

  1. Once you are on special, tap on “Booty Run.”

It is basically a map where in you can get loots such as wanted posters, rum tickets, gold tickets, amazing swabbies or even gems! Sounds awesome right? But be wary in conquering those challenges, there are certain conditions that you have to fulfill in order to get the rewards.


Clearing a stage and defeating the stage boss will automatically give you a mining camp that will give you the access to resources which you can claim every 5 a.m.



Once you have cleared a stage and you saw icons like these, it means that the spot is already available for mining.

Once you tapped on the claim rewards button, this should appear.


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