How can I add friends?

There are 3 ways to add a friend:

Friend Search:
1. Ask your friend or other player's Friend ID number.
2. Tap the Side bar menu located at the left side of your screen.

3. Tap "Friends" Button

4. Tap "Friend Search" tab on the lower right side of your screen. You will see your Friend ID as well in the friends search option.

After a Battle:
- You will have the option to send a friend request for the player who reinforcement you. Just tap the add friend button after the battle.

Duel Logs:
- In your Duel logs, you can add players who you attacked or those who attacked you as a friend. Just tap on the log report...

And then tap "Friend Request" beside Visit Hideout" button.

There are advantages when you become friends with other players. You can choose their Pirate Leaders as support during battles and you will earn more Pirate Points and you can share hidden quests with your friends.

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