Where can I get more Pirates?

Here are some ways to get more Pirates to join your fleet:

1. Premium Recruit where you can have the chance to get newly released pirates ranging from 3 stars - 5 stars for 500 Gems.

2. Normal Recruit where you can get a 3 star - 5 star Pirate for 10,000 Points. This shop also offers a random chance of getting other items like Gold tickets, Grog tickets, Stamina Potions, Duel Battle Points and Strengthening items.

3. Through Scouting where you can scout for new Pirate, Swabbies and Strengthening items at the Tavern. They can be recruited by exchanging a specific amount of Grog, Gems or Pirate Points.

4. Through collecting Wanted Posters. Some Pirate can only be recruited by collecting the required number of Wanted Posters.


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