How to set a Swabbies to a Pirate?

To assign a Swabbies to a Pirate, follow these simple steps provided below to makes your Pirate ready for action!

1. At the Pirate Quarters, tap on the Pirate you want to add a Swabbie, then tap on the Swabbie Management  just below the Pirate Avatar.


2. Tap on the available Swabbies slot on the left and select a Swabbie that you want to set for your Pirate from the Swabbies list on the right.

3. Tap the "Assign" then "OK" to put the Swabbies to the Pirate.

Remember, if there’s a Swabbies on the slot you wish to set, the original Swabbies will be overwritten and deleted, be careful where you place your Swabbies!

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