How to create a Guild?

Here's how to create a Guild:

1. On the Hideout, Tap "Guild" icon.

2. Tap "Create" button to start creating Guild.

3. Type the name of your Guild at the "Guild Name" Box.

4. Then choose the "Playstyle" that you want using the drop down menu.

5. After that by drop down menu, you can choose of what "Level" is required in your Guild.

6. If you want the "Beginners Welcome" in your Guild. Just tap the check box icon.

7. If you want "Auto-Approve", just tap the check box icon if you want.

8. To change your the avatar Leader, just Tap the image then all of your pirates that has a high level will appear. After that you can choose a the avatar that you want of your Guild by tapping on it.

9. To change your ship just Tap the Ship icon beside your avatar leader then Ship line up appear. You can choose by tapping on it.

10. You can change "Guild Message" by tapping on it and then type a message that you want, for them to feel that they are welcome to join in your Guild.

11. If your done Tap the button "Form 50,000" Gold button.

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