What are the currencies of the game?

Gold is the common currency used in the world of War Pirates and is used to upgrade ships and buildings in your hideout. It can be obtained from enemy ships in quests, treasure boxes from the main map, as quest rewards, and also from your own gold Merchant Ship in your hideout. You can also get gold in the Treasure Island (special map) quests.

Mainly used to recruit Pirates, Swabbies, Monkey Items and Parrots in the Tavern. Rum is also used to level-up your swabbies in the Pirate Quarters.

You can acquire Rum in various location in different maps and also loot from other players in Duel.

Gems you can use Gems to buy Pirates in the Tavern, finish landmark upgrades, buy resources and replenish your stamina. Gems can be obtained for free in login bonuses and certain quests in the game. Gems can also be periodically collected at the Market which can be found in your Hideout. 

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