What are the ways to get Disney figurines?

Would it be wonderful if you could collect all Disney figurines?

Here are some bits of information on how to get those figurines:

- You can use the Coins that you pick up while playing to purchase from the Coins Prize Machine.

- You can use the Pixels you collected to purchase a random figurine in the Pixels Prize Machine.

"What are the ways to gain Pixels?"
"I only see Prize Machine for Coins. Where's the Prize Machine for Pixels?"

- You can buy figurines via in-app purchase.


- You can get free Figurines while playing if you come across one! But of course, you need to use a specific figurine.

- You can get an exclusive figurine if you got all 6 stamps in the daily mission.

"What Are The Daily Missions?"

- When you met certain condition you'll unlock a secret figurine.

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