I got hit by something or someone took my figurine! What's happening?

If you were hit by something, it means that you have been idle on a spot for too long or your figurine went at the bottom of your screen! To avoid being hit by something, you must move your figurine forward and cross the road quickly.

Adventures would be boring without challenges right?

We highly advice you not to be idle to avoid being taken away by the following:

Mickey Mouse & Friends - The Eagle
Toy Story - The Claw
Big Hero 6 - San Fransokyo Blimp
The Haunted Mansion - A Crow
The Lion King - A Vulture
Wreck-It Ralph - A Cy-Bug
Zootopia - The Helicopter from the movie
Tangled - A Blue Bird
Inside Out - A Pneumatic Tube
The Jungle Book - A Bandar-Log Monkey on a vine
Alice Through The Looking Glass - Time Sand
Finding Dory - Mr. Ray
Pirates of the Caribbean - Kraken's tentacle
Monsters, Inc. - C.D.A Helicopter
Aladdin - Magic Carpet (when playing as any Aladdin Figurines except Magic Carpet)
Aladdin - Iago (when you play as the Magic Carpet)

So be careful and move quickly.

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