Why am I experiencing slow frame rate of the game?

Slow frame rate may be caused by several possible reasons:

- Too many apps running in your device (while playing the game)
- Low mobile specifications (check system requirements of the game)
- Slow internet connection
- Low device memory

Some devices are having a hard time from low-memory issue and most perform poorly once they hit around 80% of their device storage capacity.

If your device is showing signs of lag, it may be time to do some spring cleaning!

Here's our suggestion to temporarily fix this type of problem:

1. Clean your device's files using App cleaners
2. Turn off some running applications that consume most of your RAM
3. Cool down your device for a few minutes

Still no good? Well, you can always contact our Customer Support Team by sending us a ticket, follow the link below!

Submit a request

And we'll make sure that everything will be back to normal in no time!

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